Gaudi Scleral – customization beyond imaginable limits.

What is the Gaudi Hypergeometric lens? Just like Zernike polynomials can be added together to describe many complex corneal shapes, the hypergeometric functions used to construct the Gaudi lens can be combined to create as complex or simple shape as needed. This unique feature allows as to carefully chose the degree of customization and find a perfect balance between the fit and manufacturing cost of the lens. As a result, we bring you an incredibly cost effective freeform scleral lens design.

But describing the lens using hypergeometric curves is only part of the Gaudi advantage. What do you do if you design a profilometry based lens and still need to make some final tweaks? For that, Gaudi lens design software gives you unprecedented capabilities to modify the lens and optimize the fit. Just look at the list of parameters that can be changed:
  • Global parameters
    • Lens alignment
    • Lens diameter
    • Haptic thickness (adjustable at any meridian)
    • Limbal thickness
  • Fit parameters adjustable at any meridian
    • Settling depth
    • Edge taper
    • Edge lift
    • Edge profile
    • Limbal clearance
    • Fit factor
    • Channels
    • Notches
    • Vaults
    • Fenestrations
  • Optic Zone adjustments
    • Optic Zone size
    • Base curve
    • Central clearance
    • Decentration
    • Back and front surface tilt
    • Prism
    • Multifocal design
    • Aspheric front surface for extended depth of focus (EDOF)